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Surveys / Inspections

Coppard Giles undertake surveys and inspections on a wide range of properties.

Types of Survey

We provide a cost effective service but we do not attempt to compete with other surveying practices solely on price and for this reason we no longer provide surveys in the “mass market” sector. Instead we provide a high quality bespoke service and as an indication of our client’s satisfaction with this service we often receive referrals and repeat instructions over a number of years. Types of surveys include:

  • Building Surveys.
  • Significant Defects Inspections
  • Condition Surveys.
  • Defect Investigations.
  • Maintenance Inspections.


We consider it paramount that the report can be easily understood by the client, and therefore we attempt to avoid the use of jargon. (For example a surveyor may undertake a very thorough inspection of a building but if they cannot communicate their findings to the client then it is all wasted effort!).

Sensible Advice

We will report on defects in their correct context, for example if a defect is commonly found on a particular age or type of property we will state this so that the client is then able to make an informed decision. We also encourage our clients to discuss the survey report with the surveyor who undertook the inspection.

Please also refer to the areas of our website covering Building Surveying and Building Defect Investigation & Advice.