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Project Management

The project management that Coppard Giles can provide is about leadership and liaison with professional teams to provide overall planning and co-ordination of a project from inception to completion.

A key element to achieving successful projects is to accurately identify and agree precisely what the desired project outcomes are with the client at an early stage. Our approach is to commit time and resources to listening to the client at an early stage and seeking to fully understand the organisation’s aspirations and needs. In doing this we aim to assist the client in focusing their resources in the most beneficial areas. Coppard Giles project management activities typically can include the following:-

  • Identify the client’s objectives and develop the brief.
  • Supervise appraisals and feasibility studies.
  • Establish the budget and project programme.
  • Advise on appropriate procurement strategies.
  • Advise on design team make-up and selection.
  • Identify and co-ordinate the obtaining of statutory consents.
  • Monitor construction.
  • Oversee making good of defects.
  • Ensure building manuals and maintenance requirements are prepared and communicated.
  • Ensure hand-over successfully completed.