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Asset Management


In this context our expertise relates to Asset Utilisation rather than day-to-day management although there are also Management companies we cooperate with on a regular basis.

Maximising Asset Utilisation

This is a new service we are proposing to clients with property portfolios. This services is intended to assist our clients with maximising the potential value of, or revenue from, their property assets.

Through our day to day Building Surveying activities, we have often noted that many of our clients are inadvertently not maximising the potential or value of their property assets. This is understandable as our clients are often simply too busy with their day to day / core activities. This equates, however, to a loss of potential revenue or capital which could, for example, be diverted to our client’s main activities.

Why are Coppard Giles ideally suited for this?

As experienced and highly competent building surveyors we are ideally placed to assess the potential for maximising the utilisation of property assets, for example, considering such options as sub-letting; sub-division; conversion etc to maximise revenue from alternative or additional uses. In some cases disposal may also be a sensible option, for example if an asset is under-utilised, or if there are potentially significant future maintenance requirements, or perhaps excessive costs associated with achieving compliance with statutory regulations.

Who would benefit from this service?

This is a service that is applicable to any size of property portfolio, or indeed can even be applied to a single property.