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Planning Permission

What is Planning Permission?

A legal approval process for controlling construction and building works. The government has recently indicated that changes will be introduced to make this process more straightforward for some applications, such as simple residential schemes. Coppard Giles are able to assist you in determining what your specific scheme's requirements are and assist in compliling the application for you.

Who gives it?

Your local city, borough or district council.

What do you need?

What you need depends on how complicated your proposal is but usually you will need:

  • Plans of before and your proposed works.
  • A location plan.
  • A written statement describing the details of your proposals.
  • Completed application forms.


Generally commercial developments often require Planning Permisssion. Additional details such as a Design & Access Statement will be required which will detail details of access, size and nature of your proposal and other matters such as plans for waste disposal and any changes of use.

Fees can be calculated online by going to Planning Portal fees.


There are separate rules applying to Planning Applications for residential properties and further details are available from the Planning Portal, follow this link to go to the interactive house.

Who can help you?

  • Whilst this can be drafted yourself, it is usually best to employ a professional to do this for you.
  • Building Surveyors, Architects or Planning Consultants are usually the best placed people to help you.
  • At Coppard Giles we have experience of this type of work and have links with a Planning Consultant for assistance within more complex cases. This puts us in a strong position as we can also provide design facilities.