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Building Regulations

What are they?

These are technical rules which apply to all new buildings. 

Practical guidance on ways to comply with the functional requirements in the Building Regulations is outlined in a series of 'Approved Documents' published by Communities and Local Government. All of the latest 'Approved Documents' can be downloaded free on the Planning Portal at:

Who uses them?

Anyone undertaking or instructing building construction, alteration or development work needs to consider the Building Regulations. Minor repairs are generally excluded but items like re-roofing are now controlled, therefore, checking before you proceed with work without permission will avoid the risk of having to re-do work, which could be very costly.

Generally, as building designers we can give advice on Building Regulations requirements and further information is available online through the Planning Portal.

Making an application

There are a number of types of application and due to the level of complexity it is generally advisable to engage professional assistance except for some minor residential situations, where the homeowner may wish to apply for themselves. Coppard Giles can advise and are experienced with liaising with Building Control and preparing applications on our clients’ behalf. Applications can be prepared online but generally require a hard copy submission in the first instance. Further information on making applications is available at Submit-a-Plan.

Applications can be made to either a Local Authority Building Control department or a private firm who are Approved Inspectors.


In order to obtain Building Regulations approval full details of the proposal will normally be required including, plans, product information and calculations where appropriate. Some of this information may require structural or mechanical and electrical engineers to be appointed. Coppard Giles can advise on the appointment of specialist designers, although we do not directly offer such services ourselves.

Once full details have been provided the Building Control officer will evaluate the proposal and either approve or make further requirements. It is usual for some additional requirements to be raised with all but the simplest of projects.