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Permissions and Approvals

Construction in Britain is, like many other industries, controlled and covered by a myriad of regulations. These range from general items such as construction health and safety rules to controls applied specifically to one project.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval are the two primary legally required approvals required in the UK for building construction and alteration works. Further information is available on our Building Regulations information page.

Any project involving changes of use, alterations to the exterior will usually require Planning Permission. In buildings of historic interest or in areas of architectural importance, Listed Building Consent may be required. Once the appearance and layout have been approved, detailed design can take place and Building Regulation approval obtained.

Planning Permission

Planning Permission mainly relates to external appearance, choice of materials and landscaping issues relating to a project. The Local Authority will assess each proposal and advise what information is required.

Coppard Giles can oversee this whole process and liaise with the Local Authority on the client’s behalf. Further information is available on our Planning Permission information page.

Building Regulations

These are technical rules which apply to all new buildings. Practical guidance on ways to comply with the functional requirements in the Building Regulations is outlined in a series of 'Approved Documents' published by Communities and Local Government.

All of the latest 'Approved Documents' can be downloaded free on the Planning Portal at:

Coppard Giles can assist you with all of the above functions and processes. For further information and assistance Contact Us.